Bobbie-Jean Henning PHOTO: Marnya Rothe

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The Fantasticks may not seem as popular a musical as the likes of Les Misérables or Chicago, but its the longest running musical in the world, with its original off-Broadway production going for a total of 42 years. This January it will be performed at the Hayes Theatre Company.

Directed by Helen Dallimore, The Fantasticks is about two fathers trying to bring their children Luisa and Matt together, with the narrator El Locco putting them through trials and tribulations to teach them you have to go through struggle before you can love someone.

Actress Bobbie-Jean Henning plays Luisa, and she describes her as “pretty loopy” with her emotions off the walls but also romantic and very idealistic.

“I think the role is a challenge for me so I’m excited to face that,” said Henning. “This is one of the biggest opportunities for me. I’ve written my own cabaret, which I’ve been touring around and producing. I’ve been doing that since I’ve graduated.”

“[I’m] pretty excited to bring a new version to the audience. I think some people will be a bit surprised with Helen’s vision that she’s taken on.”

One of the things Henning loves about being a part of this musical is the plot line, which is a twist on reality.

“I love that it’s a fairytale but you have a real element of reality,” she said. “It’s not absurd like it’s never gonna happen. It a silly story but the heart of it is an important lovely message.” (AMal)

Jan 11–31. Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point. Tues-Sat 7.30pm, Wed and Sat 2pm and Sun 5pm. $45-$55. Tickets & info: