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An innocent girl locked away in a high tower. An old woman stopping at no length to keep her young forever. A young man who finds her – and slowly convinces her there is an entire world beyond the tall forest and high walls that have always surrounded her. Sound familiar?

Imagine having to reconsider everything you know. This is the crux of Kendall Feaver’s enchanting piece The Hiding Place, combining the classic fairytale with a refreshing modern twist, blurring the line between innocence and growth, right and wrong, obedience and independence.

Floating amidst its dark themes is a constant charming innocence, stemming from lead actress Michele Durman’s convincing performance as the young Emily. With every beat she exudes the eagerness and curiosity anyone’s inner child could relate to. Never has she been exposed to the darker side of the world – and we fully believe it.

‘Simple yet complex’ best describes this piece, characterised by Gez Manfield’s split set design. The space is so small and intimate yet immensely detailed, with hundreds of sheets of paper with drawings lining the walls, ceiling and floor – a constant reiteration of Emily’s innocence. What we’re left with is a re-evaluation of what we know, as we see the fairytales we’ve watched from childhood unfold in a darker, eerier light.

Until Sep 15, Studio 1, Wharf Theatre Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, $20-32, 9270 2400,