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Adventure seekers, nature lovers, documentary film buffs – a visual feast awaits you at IMAX.

Shot using the most advanced 3D filming technology around, The Last Reef: Cities Beneath the Sea offers an extraordinary view of ocean life: eye-popping close-ups of dazzling creatures in such vibrant hues and exotic shapes that you could be forgiven for thinking them inventions of science fiction. Candy-coloured fish poke around in gently undulating sea anemones, as turtles and stingrays glide elegantly by, and it is all you can do to stop yourself from reaching out and trying to touch them.

It is hard to think of a film that has leant itself more to the wonders of 3D, and the technology is used to full effect. D.J. Roller’s cinematography is glorious, and the soundtrack, composed as the film was edited, is a perfect accompaniment to the ballet of movement on the reef.

With a running time of only 50 minutes, The Last Reef is a tad short and audiences will be left longing for more time in this underwater paradise. But it is a small quibble is what is otherwise a remarkable documentary that is certain to appeal to all ages. (KSo) ****