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Sydney 8-piece outfit The Leisure Bandits have announced themselves onto the local soul/R&B music scene with a tightly produced self-titled EP brimming with slinky grooves, smokey ambience and outstanding performances from some of the hottest Sydney talent around. Album opener Breathe leads in with bare acoustic guitar and vocalist Joey Gatz’ delectable vocal stylings before escalating quickly into a driving soul number, with the tight rhythm section accentuating the urgency of Gatz’ plead of suffocating under the weight of affliction. Gimme Something is an upbeat call to party people that is reminiscent of Jackie Wilson’s ‘Lifting me Higher’ and is sure to get dance floors moving with its wholesome and gospel tinged delivery; Break The News is a song of love delivered on a dreamy bed of reggae skanks and Lord Don’t Tell is a catchy ragtime number whose darting horn solos conjure imagery of chaotic speakeasies and spilt bootleg whiskey. The group takes few risks on the EP and the subject matter is a little light- but the pop hooks coupled with the effortless playing can only enhance The Leisure Bandit’s reputation as a party band with mainstream appeal.