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Josh Lawson makes his directorial debut with The Little Death, voted second choice for best feature at The Sydney Film Festival. The offbeat and sometimes obscure comedy explores the sexual relations and fantasies of a group of neighbours and friends. Unashamedly it delves into sexual and social taboos, as behind closed doors ‘normal’ couples discover what lengths they will go to to experience that fleeting ‘la petite mort’ – the little death.

With an ensemble cast of familiar Australian talent, each character is well rounded and expertly acted. Lawson’s writing displays quick wit and a love for awkward cringe-worthy comedy. Without losing the characters to caricature, Lawson unravels hilarious exploits in a genuine manner.

Certainly, the comedy won’t be to everyone’s taste, at times the film walks a close line to taboo but with a charmingly authentic treatment it is a subtle reminder that it’s okay to be weird. (ATS)

*** /5