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Self-confessed purveyors of, “old timey music”, The Lurkers are three – Fretty Boy Floyd, Desert Rat Shorty and Weary Hobo. Shoot to the Moon is their debut – financed primarily by the good citizens of Marrickville courtesy of busking donations – and showcases their “subversive homespun bluegrass” courtesy of some fine banjo, mandolin, double bass and guitar playing. Having met at a backyard Climate Action Festival, these three would-be crusties have all the credentials (social worker, unionist, teacher) for overly-earnest, festival specialist, soap-box beaters. But fear not, the left has a sense of humour and thy name is The Lurkers – on activists: “I’ve been autonomously active as part of a collective and not been paid a cent / Been turning off lights and riding my bike all for the environment / Plane trees growing since guerrilla gardening you can see it in my eyes / I was part of the community that was getting very shitty now all I do is despise…I hope it makes a difference in the end because / Environmental evangelism makes no friends”. On logging: “Davey’s got a little boy / Well he’s just like his dad / But he can’t be a logger / Cause the forests are all fucking dead”. On…pirates (or global warming) I will be a pirate / On Sydney’s North Shore!”. Humour is indeed a great weapon in any fight, and this ‘anithumourless activism’ deserves to be heard, and danced to.

*** 1/2