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Northern New South Welshwomen Brooke, Samantha and Mollie McClymont present their third album Two Worlds Collide, recorded in Nashville and Franklin, Tennesse and imbued in every way with the glossy American pop country sound- having more in common with contemporary mainstream pop than traditional rhythm and blues- and having little to no trace of Australian accents or lyrical references. This upbeat album is an easy listen though, and the sisters’ complimentary voices are backed by some sophisticated instrumentation featuring trademark country music staples such as lap-steel, banjo and fiddle performances. While the messages on the album don’t stray too far from themes of love and romance, that is where the major appeal of the album lies as all the songs with the exception of the album closer clock in between three and four minutes and are finely tuned pop songs, crafted into easily digestible doses with more than enough hooks to keep your attention until the very end. It looks as though these girls from Grafton are onto a winner. ***