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When you peer at the list of musicians that played on this album you’re confronted by a list of names of Sydney session talent so heavy that you could sink a boat. Directions In Groove founder, guitarist and Modern Congress mastermind Tim Rollinson is joined by drummer Hamish Stuart, saxophonist Rick Robertson, young trumpeter Nick Garbett and soul diva Tina Harrod, amongst a host of other players so seasoned you know you’re in for a treat. The Protagonist – an album just short of an hour featuring upbeat funk, reggae jams and soul grooves – is characterised by some breathtakingly effortless musicianship; you can almost imagine the players just stroking their instruments to induce swirling sonic layers like smoke that just appears and then wafts away. Tracks like The Halo Effect and Peaceniks are executed with such precision that they seem to have been delicately assembled by a clockmaker- Rollinson in this instance- that has injected his heart and soul into creating the perfect timepiece. Albums like this don’t just come together by accident. If grooves are your thing then this is the real deal.