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King Street Theatre’s school holiday program launches into full-fledged silliness as The Nitwits return to Newtown with their new show, Fractured Fairytales.

Forget what you think you thought you knew about the storybook characters we’ve all grown up with, as Matty Grey and Teddlie Bear turn traditional tales on their head with their chaotic wit.

Little Red never wore a hood, she lived in it; Goldie-Locks’ story is actually a lot older than you think; and “Rapunzel doesn’t have lovely flowing hair growing out of her head in this beautiful ideal of feminine beauty anymore, it’s her eyebrows that have gone crazy!…”

The Nitwits, Kat Placing (Teddlie Bear) and Matty Grey, are not only renowned children’s entertainers, but descendants of the godparents of children’s literature, Hans Christian Anderson and Beatrix Potter.

“Surely it was time we did some damage to these beloved fairytales,” said Kat.

Evoking the pantomimes they saw in their youth, Kat and Matty hope that their “not typically commercial” style of theatre filled with “attitude, fun and naughtiness” will “foster an early love of the arts in kids and make the theatre a really fun place to go”.

As Teddlie Bear, Kat also hopes to break the mould of strictly “feminine and gentle” female characters in children’s entertainment. “We didn’t fell that things should be ‘boy vs. girl’,” she said.

(Fractured Fairytales is recommended for children 5-12 years old. Younger children may be overwhelmed by the ridiculous comedy stylings.) (AM)

Oct 3–8; Mon-Fri 10.30am + 1pm (no 10.30am on Mon), Sat 1pm. King Street Theatre, Level 1, 644 King Street, Newtown. $20-$25 (group + family packages available). Tickets & info: or 0423 082 015