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Film and surf arrive this month with the inaugural Sydney Surf Film Festival. The two-week festival features classic and contemporary films about the culture of surfing. “We are really pleased with the diversity of films that have come through,” says Nick Stevenson, festival director. “The selection really reflects how diverse surfing is now and is great to see a healthy presence from Australian surf filmmakers as well. I think SSFF will appeal to a wide range of people, many of the films that have been selected are documentaries and the stories are very universal.” Naturally, The Endless Summer is part of the festival. Filmed in 1966, it is perhaps the definition of the ‘surf’ movie. “It’s incredible to think a surf film from 50 years ago can still make both young and old laugh and inspire us to get out in the water to do what we all love,” says Stevenson. (OA)

Jan 21-Feb 1, various iconic surf beaches, $32-38,