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Aesthetes, crafters, design geeks and shop-a-holics stand up – there’s a new kid on the block, and it’s throwing down the gauntlet. Built around the idea that you should be able to get sweet locally-made designer gear without mortgaging your house, The Dollar Shop is changing the retail game on Oxford St. Handpicked by Sydney City Council as part of their initiative to match creative projects with vacant spaces along Oxford St, the latest addition to the somewhat flaccid (outisde a few notable exceptions of course) retail strip should come as music to the ears of local designers. The Dollar Shop is the brainchild of graphic designers Alex De Bonis and Louise Helliwell, the duo behind Tough Titties, a well-read blog celebrating creative Australian women. Featuring a carefully curated selection of clothes, jewellery, bags, stationery, self-publishing, photography, posters, instruments, kitchenware, crafts and more, the six-month pop up shop will also offer after-hours a weekend workshops for the less design-savvy looking to release their inner crafternooner. Currently seeking both volunteers for the day-to-day running of the store, and submissions from designers who reckon they can flog their wares for $20 and over, The Dollar Shop is set to open its doors at 58 Oxford St Darlinghurst in late February. For more info head to the website at (KB)