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Who needs a band? Following in the footsteps of Tim Freedman, Shin’s main man James Mercer has done away with not only the band one might previously have called The Shins, but even the idea of a band, as the studio doors revolve swiftly in the breeze of musicians, arriving and departing by the track-load. The result is however surprisingly cohesive, whilst also ranging as far and wide as Mercer has on nay previous incarnation or project. 70’s soft rock makes and appearance via For a Fool, and a journey on the hippy-trippy side comes in via the title track. The Shins may have been one-time indie darlings, but this album is aimed at the heart of commercial radio, albeit with Mercer’s distinctive voice. Production here is big, bright and poppy, adding a new dimension to the term “radio friendly”. What will keep fans happy is that these songs are a solid collection of Mercer-magic; and while they wont break down the walls, they will keep you smiling. Morrows port is here today for The Shins.