TRACES V by Gabbie Lancaster

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In our modern cities, buildings appear to be replacing nature, trees seem to be visible only when visiting a park or going for a bush-walk. A new group of artists working under the name of “Project Kollective Spaces” are putting together an exhibition that combines visual art with a strong message of conservation titled, The Sky is Falling.

The exhibition consists of 10 local artists practicing their individual crafts in different mediums such as painting, photography, sculpturing as well as filmmaking, mixed media and as a bonus there will be two special video works made by child artists. The aim of these unique artworks is to emphasise the importance of protecting nature and to teach children and communities to care for trees and the arts.

City Hub spoke to one of the local artists taking part in The Sky is Falling exhibition, painter Gabbi Lancaster on how the title came about, “It came from Jennifer O’Brien the curator, we had a few discussions about it, I just went along with it and made my own interpretation but it’s really about how the trees are falling and we can see the sky where the trees were”.

Gabbi’s paintings have a dream like quality. She paints beautiful leaves and trees that are no longer here with us but are very much alive in her memory and imagination.  The Sky Is Falling is a meditation on our complex relationship between humans and trees and is sure to be inspiring and awaken us to be more environmentally friendly.

Sep 19-Oct 1. Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Queen Elizabeth Dr, Bondi Beach. More Info:

By Daniel Jaramillo