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Following on from an album of Beatles B-sides, The Smithereens continue their transformation into the worlds oldest cover band by recording 13 tracks from The Who’s Tommy. I know it’s been 40 years, but this is one hell of a lot of trouble to go to to say “happy birthday”. Tommy was, and still is the ultimate (flawed) rock opera. Townsend, Daltry, Moon and Entwhistle one of the tightest rock-pop outfits the sixties spawned – check out the recent live re-releases that prove the point. The Smithereens throw nothing new into the mix bar their particular post-Spector wall-of-distorted-guitar-sound. These are great songs easily enjoyed and The Smithereens are a great band in their own right – a better band than two reverential cover albums would suggest. Pat DiNizio‚Äôs pop sensibilities – honed form his love of 60’s Brit pop. There is something very circular here, finally pop is eating itself! Ok guys, we get it; you love British Invasion pop!