Mark Lee

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Mark Lee stars in this one-man play based on the novella by HG Wells. A cautionary tale, it tells the story of an Edwardian scientist who invents a time machine and travels to 802701AD.

“He’s arrogant, very self assured and he has built something which he is sure will work but what he doesn’t know is the effect it will have on him. He can’t witness that. He can’t travel that far into the future and back again and not realise that he probably doesn’t belong anywhere anymore. Once you have that knowledge….he’s a man who undergoes a massive change,” Lee explained.

The time traveller was previously portrayed by fellow Australians Rod Taylor and Guy Pierce in successful Hollywood films.

“He tells a story but the drama unfolds as he relives the more nightmarish episodes of his travels and it becomes all too consuming. He travels to a place where he has to try to observe and absorb the changes and try to make sense of how we got to this point. Also he travels to the end of the world which neither of the films have dealt with. He’s curious what happens to this world and what happens to humanity. That’s where it finishes and he returns and brings back…. I guess a warning.”

Mark hopes that this play will touch audiences in their 20s and 30s. “These people hold change in their hands – I really hope they come and realise that we need to think differently how the world goes – if we don’t address inequality and oppression and what needs to be addressed now it will be impossible in the future.” (MMo)

Apr 11-May 2. Nida Playhouse Theatre, 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington. $45.50-$62.50+b.f. Tickets & Info: