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The Time Machine by H.G. Wells is a much-loved, timeless classic (pardon the pun) that has been adapted into film, TV, radio, and comic books. Now the Old 505 Theatre and playwright Frank Gauntlett are bringing a new take on the sci-fi satire to the Surry Hills stage. Originally published in 1895, director Gareth Boylan discusses how the crux of this cautionary tale is about humanity becoming redundant and its modern-day significance.

The Time Machine is a work of pure imagination but it has a lot to say about contemporary life,” he explains. “No matter how fanciful a story it is, it should impart something people can relate to. There’s an environmental and evolutionary aspect to the narrative that is timely now. It has its own resonance in the context of climate change and concerns about the stability of our government.”

This one-man show opens with ‘The Traveller,’ reporting to his scientific peers about his journeys to a future era and how he perceived time to be another dimension: the fourth dimension. “This was 40 years before Einstein fleshed that out. Wells was pretty ahead of his time.” (Again, pardon the pun. It’s just too hard to resist.)

Jun 15-Jul 1, Old 505 Theatre, Suite 505, 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, $15-$25, 1300 438 849,