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This weekend as part of The Japan Foundation’s Breaking The Mould event series a brand new innovative performance piece will make its debut in Sydney.

The Unknown Dancer In The Neighbourhood is an artwork which skilfully blends theatre, dance and projection art to weave a compelling drama on stage. Through the powerful movements of a single actor, Wataru Kitao, the play introduces the audience to life in a Japanese suburb on the fringe of a major city. During the day the neighbourhood bustles with people who treat each other indifferently; yet at night, it transforms into a dangerous zone, festering with crime.

Written and developed by Tokyo based award winning director and playwright Suguru Yamamoto this is a show which will likely take audiences off guard but mesmerise them simultaneously.

As producer Yumina Kato explained, “I’m sure a lot of audience members enter the theatre thinking this is a play written by a playwright, and therefore everything is based on a script. However, after having seen the performance, a lot of people will think otherwise. Yamamoto successfully merges drama and dance, while Kitao’s movements are so natural it doesn’t look like his performance is choreographed.”

Mar 22-23, 7:30pm. Eternity Playhouse, 39 Burton St, Darlinghurst. FREE. Bookings & Info: