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A working-class rock band with the heart of a punk band, Urban Guerillas sound as comfortable belting out tracks as they would belting out protests for climate change. They have a strong political side to their music which of course draws parallels to musician-turned-activist Peter Garret. Something tells me that they’d rather focus on the music- a choice that means they can have the best of both worlds. They’ve been slogging it out since the 80’s and their latest album is no different. A mix of down-and-out aggression with a peaceful social-conscious. Their down-trodden pain in lyrics such as “my life is a week full of Mondays” in Valley of Waste is a figurative cigarette bummed off Cold Chisel. While the softer ballad of I Will is a country-inspired homage to the women who support them, “I’ve got a bad credit rating, my rent is long overdue / I’ve got absolutely nothing / But I give it all to you.” Like a proletariat bunch of roses- these guys are the carnations of rock and roll- which just makes them so darn like-able.