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The what movement? Yeah, fair enough. The vinyl toy movement may not be up there with Surrealism or democracy in terms of world-altering zeitgeists, but for the thousands of obsessive enthusiasts, and the colourful creators fuelling their collections, it’s big business. The Vinyl Frontier, an 83-minute documentary put together by Daniel Zana, charts the Koziks, Giant Robots and Jermaine Rogers of the scene; in other words, the leading artists dreaming up the most insane tiny plastic toys. Inspired by films like Super Size Me and Just for Kicks, at the very least, you’ll leave The Vinyl Frontier knowing what a Dunny is (and it’s not what you think). (AB)

Jun 15, 7.30pm, Mu-Meson Archives, cnr Parramatta Rd & Trafalgar St, Annandale, $10, 9517 2010,