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In exchange for a large sum of cash, Steve agrees to a marriage of convenience with Ana, a Russian woman seeking residency in Australia. The plan: keep the wedding a secret and pocket the money to start a life with his true love, Jacqui. But when Steve’s dysfunctional family discover the impending nuptials and rally together to support the union, Steve’s lie gets out of control, making his plans with Jacqui slip further from sight.

The Wedding Party possesses a quirky charm due to its distinct larrikin flavour. This is hammed up in the performances of its impressive ensemble cast, including Josh Lawson, Steve Bisley and Isabel Lucas. However, overall the film doesn’t pack any real punch. Mostly, the humour is either over-the-top, anti-climatic or provides the squirm factor.  And then there’s the plotline, which is as predictable as the plethora of romantic comedies that come out from Hollywood each year.  If you’re still keen, maybe wait for the DVD release. (MP) **