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In my interview with 67-year-old Aboriginal actor Jack Charles this week, he described himself in his 20s as such, “I was political and thought of myself a useful person but I wasn’t as outspoken as I can be today. I was very shy and held back quite a bit. But theatre was the driving force behind putting me in front of people. I realised my potential here.” And on today, he tells his story of drug abuse, the arts and the memories of being a part of the stolen generation on stage at the Belvoir Street Theatre. Join Associate Professor Peter O’Connor (pictured) as he discusses theatre as a vital forum for communities to express issues that are otherwise overseen, ignored or even suppressed. Entertainment aside, there is no denying that theatre is a byproduct of our social, political and psychological world.

Mar 29, 6-7.30pm, Sydney Law School (Camperdown), New Law School Building, The University of Sydney,