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This outstanding production is the Sydney premiere of the Tony Award-winning play. Set in a baseball team locker room over the course of a season, it starts with the shock news that the New York Empires’ star player is outing himself.

The admission sends shockwaves through the team, and one by one, his fellow players and those around him are forced to look at themselves their and beliefs about the macho world of professional sport.

Although baseball is relatively foreign to Australians, Take Me Out plays on the assumptions of its audience, and it works perfectly well for local viewers. And it’s easy to think of the impact it must have had in the US’just imagine one of our top cricketers coming out.

Take Me Out is everything you want in theatre. It’s funny, personally challenging and very well-acted.

Until March 7. New Theatre, 542 King Street Newtown. $22-$28, 1300 306 776 or