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There’s that old and rather tiresome adage: you can’t dance to architecture. It also extends to not watching radio… or does it? Says Ira Glass, the bespectacled big cheese of wireless:  “I saw this amazing dance performance by Monica Bill Barnes’ company, and I thought – that is totally in the style of our radio show. But obviously you can’t have dance on the radio. Then I realised, we have to do another cinema event!” Enter This American Life: Live! a broadcast of a live performance captured at the Skirball Centre at the New York University, featuring the faces of writer David Rakoff, humorist David Sedaris, a new short film by Mike Birbiglia, music by OK Go and of course the aforementioned dancing. Unlike with the radio you’ll be in public when witnessing this, so it’s up to you if you choose to boogie along in your seat or not. (AB)

May 26-27, selected cinemas, $21-25,