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The script won the Rodney Seaborn Award and was nominated for an Awgie, now audiences can see this fantastic story brought to life at the Australian premier in the Casula powerhouse.

Described as adventurous, dangerous and uplifting, this epic tale follows 12-year-old triplets whose father abandons them in the middle of the forest. Sound familiar? While it has all the beginnings of a classic fairytale formula, especially Hansel & Gretel, playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer wanted to see what would happen if he separated the three sisters to venture out on their own.

“Audiences deserve to have an interesting and unpredictable story told,” he says. “I needed to have the sisters at counterpoints to each other, doing different things. That really upped the stakes for me and made me work hard to never get lazy where I took them.”  The sisters themselves are by no means lazy either. For twenty years they traverse the globe, fight Vikings, cross oceans, topple lighthouses, brave horrors before finding their way back to each other.

“Conceptually it is horrific,” he continues. “It’s important to have a notion of redemption and the sense that life can get better.” Although Kruckemeyer maintains his play is not about messages. “Kids can get lectured enough in theatre,” he explains. “It’s about watching lives being lived.”

Sep 26, Casula Powerhouse, 1 Casula Rd, Casula, $10-15, 9824 1121,