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Evolution of Beauty was largely recorded in five and a half hours when Sydney based tenor saxophonist, Tim Clarkson, answered the call to organise some musicians for a last-minute studio recording session while he was on a New York study trip. With no prior rehearsals and minimal overdubs, the resulting record is a wonderful snapshot of elite free-jazz musicians jamming away at ideas- provided on the day- and allowing themselves the freedom to explore each other and give into spontaneity. The title of the album is apt as each track takes form and evolves as you hear them; and each player reveals how much of an understanding they have of each other as they create space for the drums, sax, double bass, piano-and other instruments- to dart back and forth creating tension and then releasing that tension in breathtaking manner with lively flourishes or delicate decrescendos. There’s a unique sense of urgency going on in the performances, perhaps due to the musicians not having prior preparation for the recording- and a few imperfections; the result though is an acute feeling that you’re actually in the room with these guys listening to it all take place. Scintillating stuff.