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Contrary to initial instincts, movie-goers don’t have to have a deep love for the sport of golf to enjoy this film, which predominantly surrounds the relationship between pioneering and legendary Scottish golfing champion “Old Tom Morris” (Peter Mullan) and his son Tommy Morris (Jack Lowden).

This stylish film offers an insight into Tommy’s rapid rise as the first young prodigy in golf history, where he was known from London to Calcutta and who still holds the record as being the only player to win four consecutive open championships by the age of 21.

The class conflicts of 19th Century golfing are also explored as the Captain of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (Sam Neill) ultimately tells young Tommy Morris, “You may be a hero to the town, but you will never be a gentleman!”.

The story also delves into the passionate love Tommy had for an older woman with a questionable reputation, their marriage and the tragedies which bestowed their lives.

Exquisitely filmed in the mesmerizing landscapes of Scotland, the incomprehensibly strong Scottish accents of selected actors may be a notable drawback for audiences. (MM0)