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Not being able to bear the title ‘Best Of’ Bernard Sumner himself chose Total: From New Order to Joy Division to name the compilation album of Joy Division and New Order tracks. With just five Joy Division tracks next to thirteen from New Order, Total is a snapshot of their genre-fusing output from 1979 – 2005. For die-hard Joy Division/New Order fans, the new album offers a few new coats of paint and a previously unreleased track: Hellbent. Thieves Like Us, The Perfect Kiss, Bizarre Love Triangle, True Faith and Fine Time are all presented in their 7” edits and Crystal and Krafty appear in their radio edits. The new Hellbent opens with a guitar riff which calls to mind the deep south, but by the first verse, the almost monotone vocals of Bernard Sumner and background synthesizer give the track that full and familiar 80s colour which at first seemed missing. Distorted guitar calls are responded by bell-like shimmering synthesizer in the chorus whilst a honky tonk-esque piano riff re-appears throughout. With its layered instrumentals, familiar vocals and heavy guitar, Hellbent is a firm example of latter period New Order, and is a fitting end to the chronology presented on Total.