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Transparency, written by award-winning playwright, Suzie Miller and directed by Tim Jones, is a psychological thriller about what it means to really now someone.

“It’s basically about a man who has committed a really horrific crime when he was a very small child,” says Miller. “And when he is out of prison with a new identity, he can’t disclose who he is to anyone, including his partner.”

The play maps the struggle of the pair’s relationship and his internal battle to find his identity.  It deals with themes of rehabilitation, punishment and retribution.

“What it’s mainly about is whether you can really ever know anyone completely,” says Miller. “Throughout the play there’s five different characters and all of them at some stage, play with the truth or they withhold information. Ironically, he is the one who is desperate to seem more transparent in his life.”

First produced by hot Irish production house the Ransom Theatre company, the play was nominated by the Irish Times and other Irish newspapers in the ‘Best Ofs’ in 2009.

Featuring Glenn Hazeldine, Amy Matthews, Celia Ireland, Ed Wightman and Anna Lise Phillips, the Australian premier of this physiologically nuanced play is sure to resonate with audiences in Australia.

Sep 1-17, Seymour Centre, Chippendale, $35-47,

9351 7940,

Sep 20-24, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, $33-45,

8839 3399,