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Reworked/Remixed is a double-disc offering from Danish producer Trentemøller which compiles his best remixes and the best reworkings of his original material to date. These types of albums aim to showcase an artist’s many talents in the form of an aural smorgasbord, unrestrained by the cohesiveness expected of usual studio releases. It seems that Trentemøller is particularly keen to show that he isn’t just a producer of slick techno grooves. Over the course of these two discs we are exposed to nifty orchestral moments (Elfterklang’s remix of Trentemøller’s Tide), Gary Glitter-esque rock swagger (the Andrew Weatherall Prinz mix of Silver Surfer Ghost Rider Go!!!) and plenty of slower, ambient electronica. However, the quality is just as variable as the styles. Too many of the tracks are plodding, directionless and swamped with synthy effects – in particular, Trentemøller’s indulgent remix of his own Neverglade pales in comparison to the original. The reworking of Franz Ferdinand’s No You Girls is characteristically clean and groovy, but brings nothing new or exciting to the table. The titles of each track are clunky and there seems to be no method to the order of the two-disc set – could we have possibly had reworkings by Trentemøller on one disc and reworkings of Trentemøller on another? Reworked/Remixed is a curious release – too inconsistent to work as an album in the usual sense, but still too samey to act as an effective showcase.

** ½