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The race to win the Sydney by-election has expanded from a three-way tussle to a contest between five contenders.

The final ballot paper, revealed by the NSW Electoral Commission late last week, includes the three previously-known candidates – independent Alex Greenwich, Greens candidate Chris Harris and Liberal candidate Shayne Mallard – plus two new additions: Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) candidate Robyn Peebles and a second independent, Glenn Wall.

Ms Peebles, a pastor from West Ryde in suburban Sydney, is a serial candidate in State and Federal politics.

She last ran for office in the Heffron by-election two months ago, where she garnered seven per cent of the vote.

Ms Peebles did not respond to requests for comment regarding the Sydney by-election but in August said her reason for standing in Heffron was to combat marriage equality.

“I am standing for marriage between a male and a female, and to oppose same-sex marriage for homosexuals and lesbians,” she told City News.

Mr Wall, a Pyrmont resident who divides his time between inner Sydney and his wildlife sanctuary near Mudgee, said he was running to continue the work of former Member for Sydney, Clover Moore.

“I’m a big fan of Clover Moore and I see my role as continuing her work, but in my own style,” he said.

Mr Wall identified five key areas where he would seek to make a difference: public housing, police, education, youth issues and sustainable urban development.

“I’m a public housing housing tenant myself and I’m appalled at the shoddy level of maintenance Housing NSW thinks is acceptable,” he said.

“I’ve observed contractors painting over rotten timber, long delays getting things fixed, and a general attitude of not caring, and this is something I’ll work to combat, as Clover has done.”

Mr Wall said he was “very concerned” by the actions of NSW Police in recent times, opining that things were returning to “the bad old days.”

“I grew up in inner Sydney in ’80s when police were absolutely corrupt and did what they liked,” he said.

“They’re returning to the same strong-arm, unethical tactics … they’re using capsicum spray and tasers for compliance, which is not their intended use.”

Asked why he standing for office when Clover Moore had already anointed Alex Greenwich as her preferred successor, Mr Wall said: “I feel he’s too focused on gay marriage. I’m gay-friendly and support marriage equality but it’s a federal issue.”

Mr Greenwich, national convenor for Australian Marriage Equality (AME), said he was not only focused on same-sex marriage, but also planning controls, animal welfare, the environment, crime prevention and support for small business, among other issues.

  • Rob Thomas

    Well done Mr Wall; you’ve belled the cat. Alex is a one issue candidate who’s already shown he’s out of his depth on a number of issues. First he suggests a contra flow which would encourage even more cars on the road, to fix the transport and congestion issues on Oxford Street. Last night his solution to dealing with need for an extra public high school in the electorate was to “ask a question” in Parliament. We need someone representing us who understands the issues and can get things done. Alex has so far shown he’s not up for either of those challenges.

  • Chris Masters

    I agree with Mr Wall. Mr Greenwich is a one issue person. We need someone who will stand up for Sydney and get things done.

  • Those considering giving Wall a vote other than “5” should know he is an anti-authoritarianism activist. Pyrmont residents report he is a very divisive and argumentative character often seen alone walking the streets barefoot and partially undressed. He has a habit of standing over and maligning people to try and get across his extreme views. Wall is known to police for his activities in Martin Place during the Occupy Sydney protests. Interestingly, if Wall is such a staunch supporter of local residuents, why has registered as living in Barigan near Mudgee. Those who know him, or know of him, recommend voters give him a wide berth.

  • David

    gee this so called ZAK is vile and untruthful person. Glenn is NOT as you make out his is Sincere law abiding. Unlike you Zak

  • bILL

    Zak are you a policeman how do you know if he is well know to police?????? you seem to hate him or are you an opposing candidate using a false name?????

  • I have been TROLLED across several platform by this mob of Alan Jones fans out of Sydney Uni.
    Zak Mansden is yet another name used by these young chaps.
    For the record I own a “Wildlife Refuge” and carbon sink in the Barigan Valley and live in rented accommidation here in Pyrmont for over 10 years now. After 20+ years living in Newtown, East Sydney, Redfern Chippendale.I do love my City very much and it’s people.
    I love our Australian wildlife and bush, I brought a piece of it to protect, the Brushtail wallaby lives there, I off setting my carbon also. OK.
    I have the highest AAA security clearance am a licence fire arms holder, have worked in max security wards,allowed to handle dangours drugs, as well worked at Victoria Barracks for the Australian Army, oh and the Govorners House Sydney.
    I have had very good relations with most Police officers who act legally (Pity is some act illegally and with impunity)
    I have arrested 5 mugger over the last 6 years handing them over to Police. (YSLF)
    One does not garden in a suit but shorts and single.
    As for your libel those who have worked on the many projects undertaken would disagree indeed and fact I work co-operatively and obtain good out comes for our community.
    I have never ever stood over anyone nor maligned any one except John Howard PM, Alan Jones and the current oppossition leader.
    As for extreme views well I suppose if you see Alan Jones as your mentor then you may think thus.
    Sading how some quarters of our political discourse prefer gutter politics of smear and induendo, attack the man, removing posters to the problems at hand, instead attempt to silence me via TROLLING.
    Lads this country will be in a sad state the day you get elected.
    Vote 1 WALL.

  • Mark

    How in god’s name does someone have access to Taxpayer funded inner city housing when they already own a property?Do your fellow 1 per centers know you are such a property mogul? I know a lot of Pyrmont residents and they say the same as Zac. And seriously, how could anyone vote for someone with such poor spelling? No mention of your current occupation? The only thing I have ever seen you do is Occupy Sydney, what a roaring success that was.

  • Mark (or Zak or what ever name you use today but your real name is Alex isnt it!) your extremist view is telling.
    My fellow 99% are not left wing extremist but mostly IT consultants (Thats how I know who you are.You left great big muddy foot prints all the way back to Sydney Uni and your club.)or finance workers educate your self about “OCCUPY” and what it stands for not your “FRIEND” Alan. Anyway we are winning with laws soon to be passed that bring “BANKING” under the triple C.
    As for my spelling unlike you whose father stumps up $40,000 aus a year to keep you spoilt. Sad person you are if all you can do is bully the weakest.