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All art augments reality in one way or another, but Un(seen) Sculptures takes the concept and techs it up big time. If you were wandering along Crown St, Surry Hills you might not know that crowing Portuguese roosters are nudging your elbow, or a computer virus hovering above your head. However after downloading the appropriate iPhone or Android app a whole new visual spectacle is revealed. As usual, with technology involved you can expect to encounter a few glitches, such as finding the sculptures or delays in loading. But witnessing a nest of bufo toads migrate through the concrete jungle is well worth the effort. Visit the website for more information on the downloadable map and the app you will need to view the works. Make sure you pack your phone and headphones plus some comfy walking shoes. (AB)

For a limited time only, migrates to Melbourne by Apr 30, streets of Surry Hills,