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With a tagline ‘Freedom is a piece of shit!’ – how can you not be enticed? DBC Pierre’s Booker Prize-winning contemporary novel has now been adapted for the stage by Tanya Ronder and presented by New Theatre. Based on the commercialisation of the horror genre that underlines the present state of destructive American youth, Vernon God Little is a startlingly murky satire founded on isolation portrayed by Vernon’s best friend Jesus massacring his high school class before shooting himself. Director Louise Fischer states that at the root of the story are heavy political and social sardonic connotations that are partly a response to the Columbine High School shootings and a consequent “investigation of the helpfulness, frustration and rage felt by many teenagers today.” This compellingly disconcerting, stirring performance exemplifies the dysfunctional chaos that underpins modern America through its darkly comical, piercing theatrical depiction.

Written by Goldie Hong

Aug 14-Sep 15, New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown, $10-30, 1300 131 188,