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Set in 1947, this British Indian historical drama details the last months of British rule in India which resulted in the partitioning of India. Life inside the house is depicted as Lord Mountbatten (Hugh Bonneville) assumes the role of the last Viceroy and proceeds in handing the country back to its people after three centuries of British rule.

The 500 Hindu, Muslim and Sikh servants become involved in a cultural conflict which spreads throughout the country. Hatred in religious sects builds and with violence escalating and civil war looming the film illustrates the fear of what the transfer of power will bring.

This elegantly filmed epic story which cleverly incorporates newsreel from the era, highlights how major political decisions are made and how they ultimately affect ordinary people. The subplot of the strained love between a Muslim and a Hindu represents the hardships countless couples experienced as a result of this political and religious turmoil.

Profoundly moving, this story of the largest mass migration in human history (which ultimately affected 14 million people) is a fine tribute to all those innocent people who perished.