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This is one hot mess. It never really settles into itself, which makes it difficult to become invested in the story or characters.

Celeste is 13 (Raffey Cassidy, who later also plays Celeste’s daughter) when one of her male classmates brings a gun to school and, in a very disturbing scene, shoots randomly, killing a number of people and injuring Celeste. Recovered, she is asked to speak at a press conference, but instead performs a song written by herself and her sister, Eleanor (Stacy Martin). So begins a rise into pop stardom, aided by a constantly sniffling, badly dressed manager (Jude Law). Flash forward: Celeste is now 31 (Natalie Portman), has a new wave/punk/extreme pop aesthetic, is egomaniacal, substance dependent, and disengaged. Throw in an unrelated terrorist incident, an underwhelming final concert scene, some uninspired Sia songs, and an intrusive if sometimes comical narration by Willem Dafoe and…?


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich