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Everyone has childhood memories whether they be nostalgically fond ones or reminiscences filled with harrowing fears. The photos, videos, installations and performances included in the exhibition draw on both the positive and negative experiences of our formative years.

What I Said Yesterday sets free the inner child within all of us, as Verge will physically take on the manifestation of an oversized cubby house featuring works from a variety of perspectives.

Curator Hayley Coghlan has three top picks: Sophie Hardcastle’s cakes made out of hair, Luke O’Connor’s bleached op shop clothing and Nina Dorabialski’s messy room. Anyone who goes to the exhibition can take whatever they want from her room!

Coghlan is optimistic that through the collaborative installation format, audiences will be able to relate to the works on a highly meaningful personal level. “It’s really one of those memory lane walks … for audiences to put themselves in this environment, they’ll probably pick up a few of their own memories from when they were a kid,” says Coghlan.

Written by Goldie Hong

 Until Aug 10, Verge Gallery, The University of Sydney, City Road, free,