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Internationally renowned British artist Tim Knowles is coming to Sydney to celebrate the power of wind.  Taylor Square passers-by can spy tiny paper aeroplanes suspended above them to create a ‘ceiling’ while casting moving shadows below them.  The constantly shifting canopy was inspired by the hanging strips of bunting in Rio de Janiero’s Carnival. Luckily for Knowles, the flying foxes are no longer around to get caught in the crosshairs (though we do wonder how long it will take for a stray pair of old sneakers to get strung up there.)

A WindWalk – one in a series of perambulations directed by the movement of air currents – will take place on September 30, kicking off at 2pm. Lace on your walking shoes and get gusted.

Until May 14, 2013, Taylor Square, Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, free,