Susan Jan Badesso, Jan 1969, 7 months pregnant

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Taking on an intense subject, Without Consent is a short film made by Diane Busuttil about forced adoptions in the late 1960s. Made as part of a Master’s Degree in Research at Macquarie University, the film’s story is told in a first-person perspective of the character’s own experience.

Recounting the story of learning the history of her biological mother and the meeting of her grandmother, Diane paints a vivid picture of what life for a pregnant teenager without a husband or family support was like back when the taboo was in full force. The short film gives a well-researched insight into the lives of the mothers that were forced into adopting their children, the institutions in which they were held and the people running them.

Without Consent is an informative and personal film shedding light on a subject that has affected numerous children and mothers. The emotional recount is enhanced by the backdrop of beautiful Australian landscapes throughout. This short film provides a moving first-hand visual and audio story of a personal experience in forced adoption.


Reviewed by Riley Hooper.