Billie Piper

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National Theatre Live has captured a performance of this award-winning English stage production at the Old Vic Theatre in London and transformed it into an affordable cinematic event for a whole new generation of theatre-goers.

Described as a masterpiece, this tragedy was written in 1934 by the Spanish dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca and has been adapted into a dynamic version for modern audiences.

The story surrounds a woman’s desperate need to have a baby and how her obsession leads to financial destitution, divorce and her own demise.

Simplistic but effective staging which has six actors performing in a large carpeted glass cage resonates barrenness, isolation and despondence, as an explosion of emotions and actions progressively erupt.

Conventional ideology about womanhood is questioned in this radical and shattering production which consists of seemingly endless short scenes in many different time frames.

Billie Piper is triumphantly spellbinding as the nameless 33 year-old woman unable to conceive, the ferocity of her performance accelerating as the cracks in her marriage are unveiled.

Audiences will be mesmerised and emotionally fatigued by this funny, heart-wrenching and ultimately devastating tale of disillusion, depression and the breakdown of communication and wedded bliss. (MMo)


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