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For a cinematic experience unlike no other check out David Mackenzie’s rock’n’roll romantic comedy. Set at Scotland’s iconic music festival, T in the Park, the experience is almost as gripping and exalting as being there. The entire film was shot in five days at the festival in July 2010 where the cast, crew and extras all camped backstage onsite.

Adam, played by the charming Luke Treadaway, is the worshipped singer in a famous electro-pop band, dating a spoiled, self-obsessed supermodel. Morello, played by Natalia Tena, is also the lead singer in a struggling post-punk riot girl band called the Dirty Pink. She’s a feminist; he’s a Don Juan. When the two are handcuffed together in a backstage fight, they are forced to be dragged into each other’s gigs and around the muddy festival together. You Instead is worth watching purely for the music and the overwhelming sweetness of it all.