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Yungblud is back with his new album 21st Century Liability.

Confrontational and catchy – as we know him.

His new release is awesome. A great variety of different songs steeped in punk fury and pop melodicism.

Every song has a great intro following up with an extraordinary chorus.

While Psychotic Kids starts softly with an amazing piano part, California got a completely different but memorable piano intro and 21st Century Liability literarily calls you right in the beginning. 

Die For The Hype contains an excellent drum beat and a good a melody and I Love You Will You Marry Me, tells a true story assisted by great guitar and drum music in a fantastic fast rhythm.

Eulogy is short but expressive and DoctorDoctor sticks out through a soft guitar intro followed by rap and another totally different chorus.

The singer knows the secret of connecting different music genres. He puts together songs which are catchy as hell. The whole album contains individual songs and every song has various contrasting parts which harmonise skilfully together.


Reviewed by Lili Sekkai