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One woman cello orchestra Zoe Keating has come across a good thing. Not only does she create forward thinking music, layering her cello with effects and sampling to create lush sonic soundscapes but for someone on the non-mainstream side of things she has over a million twitter followers; more so than one would think, considering the experimental nature of her music. Keating achieved this by developing a method of allowing twitter followers to download a free song from her latest album in return for tweeting about it once, all the while encouraging fans to spread the good word. A testament to the savvyness of artists willing to experiment with social media. So what does someone get for a tweet? Into The Trees is a moody and haunting foray into the sonic wilderness, filling space with layered cello work that ranges from sounding earthy and breathy to approximating synth sounds and beats with each layer having a unique voice and quality ranging from the bold to the fragile. Each track beautifully incorporates haunting cello flourishes, suspenseful harmonic duels and often, darting percussive grooves. So if your interest is piqued you should check it out. The most it’ll cost you is 140 characters.